Welcome to the amazing World of HCT.

We are bunch of kids from Třebechovice. We have dzie same interests and sense of humor. Normally we are cleverr, but HCT time is not time for intelligence, so...That's all because we don't want to admit, we dont wear diapers and instead of prams we drive skateboards and bicycles. Doc. Doug the Duck.
More of explanations will be really soon in that moneyfucking Dzie Money section!
Nowadays we are working on our upcoming DVD "Understanding Sylvester Stallone", which is going to be the Greatest DVD ever made. You can check the teasers out.

PS: There's couple of easter eggs on this site, if you search hard, you will find them and lol.

27. 7. 09 - Balza died in suitcase accident
R.I.P. BalzaThat's why the site logo border and shits like that are grey and stuff.

15. 03. 09 - Humdrum snowboard video
Yes. It is some kind of humdrum snowboard video. But it's dzie fucking connection between the powers of HCT kids. Cuz Honzka shooted it, Showfeck cut it and Chas choose dzie music.

22. 22 - I'm looking for a dog
that's gonna collect and clean my bath, return my cigarette and give the bag to my animals and get my birds up to commission... Also some old-school video down there, suckersss xD..

11. 2. 09 - HCT to czech/english dictionary
We promised it at 25th of May 2008, we called it HaCaT dictionary. This year, we realised that that title is pretty shitty. But whatever, download it here.

9. 2. 29 - NMBoys feat. Showfeck
As you can see, a couple of rows under, there is a video. That video was made by NMBoys and Showfeck. It's ultimate. Super New Era of Making Video. Working title was Sector 20. Watch it:

17. 1. 09 - We wish you all the good stuff to the
to the new year. OK? If you are not a murderer, rapist or pedofile, we mean it. If you are a murderer, rapist or pedofile, we don't.
There was shit on HB's jacket yesterday.
Here is a couple of a new photos. A couple of photos here, in Sleziny.
And another couple of photos is here, in Balzův maturiťák. Basically it's a photo-parrot (parrot means report in HCT language) from Balza's maturity ball. It was so cool, there. Good luck papi.
Stay tuned for more. There will be more. HCT 2009 brothers and sisters, we got your backs.

17. 12. 08 - Regular and Bad News
BAD: Release of HCT DVD Understanding Sylvester Stallone was rescheduled to Spring 2009. There is no reason, just changed the season. Good rhyming, bad timing. Man, I know.
REGULAR: Prasák (Piggy) sent us some brand new photos from his winter trips. Check 'em here.
Merry christmas everybody, and happy new year, cuz HCT said so.

21. 11. 08 - 559 coming to the streets
Check out the brand new cosmic hiphop music video: 559 or Deuces Wild - 559 coming to the streets. English language at 2:05. WATCH!!!

29. 9. 08 - 559 or Deuces Wild coming to the Streets
rovinaYes, 559 or Deuces Wild's debut studio album called Kill da Crocodile was recorded yesterday at Mylosh's home recording studio (but quality is good). It's not complete yet. It needs to be mastered and stuff like that, and it will be ready to hit the streets really soon. But now, you can listen to some kind of preview here. Or you can download it here. Or you can listen to it below. Choose motherfucker.

8. 9. 08 - Punk is Pink
We have added some (enin) photos from HHK 2008 (read that weird word backwards). Check it!
Prasak also sent us some new (three) photos. But no Russia inside. He's fool. (read that normal word normal way). Czech it!
Punk because of Alcohol and Pink because of Love.
We are new testers of some pretty cool magical skateboards. We feel like Z-Boys now. We rule the streets on these decks. Frople guys call those deck "Eaglesky", that's not, what's written on them, but we can't read it, so we use this.

1. 9. 08 - Fucking School
Pepa Havel won Impalla Skate Cup round two, watch video report here.
Prasák came back from Russia, but he gave us some other photos, watch.

26. 8. 08 - Sorry, we are late
Franklyn from Brooklyn is cosmical mystical Creature.
Everyday normal skating gallery was updated.
Miscellanous photos gallery was also updated.
Hip Hop Kemp 2008 gallery was created.
Its just 3 photos there. But there will be more. We will inform you.
If you didn't noticed, Index page is black. In case you are dumb, it's not easter egg.
We speant last 4 days on HipHopKemp. Man it was good. We wrote a long, funny as hell report, but it's just in czech language. Sorry, not czech-speaking people, maybe next time.

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